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Supervisor Coaching

Do you have a new or struggling crew supervisor?  My season long supervisor coaching includes preseason training, on-site visits, weekly check-ins.  Builds leaders not doers.  Higher production, less downtime, lower turnover and higher profits.

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Preseason Crew Training

Get your crews started on the right foot with a personalized training program that targets the needs of your company.  Topics include: safety, mix chemistry and job mix formula, calibration, equipment, crew communications and efficiency.

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Operational & Quality Reviews

Getting too many callbacks and customer complaints?  Production rates not where you want them?  Operational and quality reviews help pinpoint deficiencies in processes and procedures.

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Need help setting up or training your sales team? Want to increase their knowledge of Pavement Preservation?  I can train your sales team and develop marketing and sales plans that will increase your business. As a Road Resource website Super User, I can help your team collaborate with customers to develop their own pavement preservation plans.

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Agency Training

Sometimes you need an “Out of Town Expert” to help your customer feel comfortable about trying a new process or to get you out of a bind.   I can provide training on preservation theory and application design/inspection to your agency and commercial customers.  I can also act as an outside resource when dealing with the jobs that don’t go well.

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